Charlotte Episode 5: Spontaneous camping

[HorribleSubs] Charlotte - 05 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.39_[2015.08.03_08.02.15]

So despite the fact that the soaked guy theoretically points out the location of the flying guy, the group still goes through the trouble of spending two nights camped out in a mountain to lure the guy out…seems legit. I suppose this is what you would call a “team bonding experience”? There was also a brief moment where Yuu seems to find a sense of familiarity in the music of Nao’s favorite band, ZHIEND (which I’m assuming is supposed to be a Japanese spelling of “THE END”…which probably has some deeper meaning I don’t care to examine). Is that familiarity supposed to suggest that Yuu’s lost friend is this blind composer? The memory was triggered by listening to the music, after all…

Given that we only saw the flying guy in this episode for about 4 minutes, he’s likely another character that will forever be lost in the ether. I feel like I’ve given up learning these new characters’ names. That aside, I can’t imagine that Ayumi’s sickness at the very end of the episode is a coincidence…doesn’t the timing seem awkward? Maybe it’s the birth of a new power or something…

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