Ranpo Kitan – Game of Laplace First Impressions (1): Finally a mystery for me?

[HorribleSubs] Ranpo Kitan - Game of Laplace - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_10.30_[2015.07.03_06.34.49]

And so the summer season begins. This series centers around a boy, Kobayashi, who wakes up to find his homeroom teacher dead and himself holding the murder weapon. During the investigation, he is introduced to Akechi, a renowned detective, and takes an interest in him. The style of the show is very interesting in that it keeps most characters as silhouettes until they become relevant to the case. I wonder if one of the reasons for this is to suggest that the culprit is already among the cast and remains obscured to avoid suspicion.

Another interpretation is that the show is trying to treat itself as a detective case by introducing only the key players and suspects. This conclusion does make a certain scene in the episode curious, though. When Kobayashi is arriving at Akechi’s office, there are two women talking to each other that do not appear as silhouettes. Does that imply that they are somehow relevant to the case? It’s oddly uncharacteristic of the show.

[HorribleSubs] Ranpo Kitan - Game of Laplace - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.45_[2015.07.03_06.53.51]

So far, this show is interesting to me. The detective Akechi is reminiscent of House, with a similar pain killer addiction and interest in abnormal cases (he’s missing the same sarcasm, though), and Kobayashi has a strange amusement to the whole situation. Given the horror tag on the show, I’m inclined to believe that this single mystery is going to be the focus of the show, but I’m curious whether the show will become a set of mini-arcs with mysteries investigated by Akechi and Kobayashi instead. I’m usually not convinced when a single mystery gets drawn out (like in Persona 4) because eventually you just run out of suspects.

Final music note: both opening and ending are decent, but I personally think that the vocals for the opening deteriorates as the song goes on…music-wise, it’s pretty solid, though.

4 thoughts on “Ranpo Kitan – Game of Laplace First Impressions (1): Finally a mystery for me?”

  1. This was a nice surprise. I was looking forward to it, but I didn’t think it would have me completely hooked after just the first episode. If this level keeps up for the whole show, I can easily see it being the star of the Summer season. I guess it’s too early to say for sure though. My first impressions of a show are pretty much always different from my opinion of the whole.

    The name of the episode leads me to think that there’ll definitely be mini arcs. I hope it doesn’t turn out like Kekkai Sensen though where there is almost nothing connecting all the arcs, but the fact that the title seems to refer to one even makes me think it won’t.


    1. I heard that it’s based off of some classic Japanese literature, which sounds pretty cool. Japanese mysteries tend to be pretty miss for me, so I’m looking forward to seeing whether this show will do the genre some justice.

      I’m really hoping for mini arcs. It puts more variety into the show and generally feels better-paced (rather than dragging).


      1. Oh, that does sound like it could be cool. I’ve not really seen many mystery shows (or if I have they haven’t had much that I thought would count) so I can’t compare it to any Japanese ones, but the first episode alone is better than some of the western ones I read when I was younger. But mystery has never really been my favourite genre, I mainly read fantasy and sci-fi. I’d like to try more mystery though.

        Yeah, I think it would be a lot better if it had a lot of mini arcs lasting 2 to 4 episodes, but each of those were either connected to a main larger one, or going on simultaneously with it. I guess a bit like the Hannibal TV show.


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