Plastic Memories Final Episode (13): Ferris wheel was a trap

[Commie] Plastic Memories - 13 [3BC501B7].mkv_snapshot_09.54_[2015.06.29_06.28.43]

Well, I’m certainly glad they didn’t try to go back on their ending and save Isla from her fate somehow. The final episode ends up being not too bad because Tsukasa’s new partner is purposely hidden from view, meaning I can choose to believe it’s not actually Isla’s body being used again. Because let’s be real…what kind of people would torture a guy by making him work next to the one he loves with none of the memories? Of course, if you’re of the opinion that this is okay, you can choose to believe that it actually is Isla’s body at the end…

In all, I’d say this series was not too bad, but somewhat disappointing. I had hoped it would become a bit more serious than it actually was…most of the series was just fluff in my mind. I guess it works as a simple romance, though. I’m curious, though. Is this ending really a sad ending if it was stated at the very beginning of the series that this would happen?

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