Plastic Memories Episode 11: Calm before the…?

[Commie] Plastic Memories - 11 [EDEAFAC2].mkv_snapshot_03.21_[2015.06.16_06.32.17]

Well, I guess this week’s episode was a bit of a cool-off from last week’s big confession. Given that there are only two episodes remaining, I was honestly expecting the episode to end with some big shock scene where Isla realizes that her time really is running out. However, I guess they really wanted to make this episode a respite. I’d say a lot of the episode was pretty cringe-worthy for me while I was watching, though. Those two are so awkward…

We’re very close to the end of this series. I assume they wouldn’t try to end it all at once, right? I’m hoping that next week’s episode starts the final struggle and we’ll finally figure out what kind of ending this show is going to take. There honestly doesn’t seem to be much more than that to say. We’ll just have to see.


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