Kekkai Sensen Episode 10: Finding a meal

[HorribleSubs] Kekkai Sensen - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.14_[2015.06.11_06.27.24]

Is it sad that with the other stories that seemed to be happening in this episode, the only thing I could focus on was watching Leo try to find some decent food? I seriously feel his pain…though usually on my end, it’s indecision rather than bad food that stops me. But I certainly know how it feels when every restaurant decision you make just seems terrible (though I’m getting better).

So Leo is captured once again and it looks like White might actually try to take his eyes. Sadly, it looks like we won’t get an ending any time soon. Based on the preview and the news I’ve been reading, next week’s episode is a recap episode. It’s upsetting that they need something like this in a one-cour series. I guess we’ll have to wait an extra week to pick everything back up.

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