Plastic Memories Episode 10: Possible the final episode for some

[HorribleSubs] Plastic Memories - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_09.59_[2015.06.09_06.27.22]

Hmm…not a bad confession, I have to say. When all is said and done with this show, I definitely like the fact that you can approach Isla’s in a somewhat unbiased manner. The fact that she’s an android removes things like souls and the idea of the afterlife because recognizing that Isla has an afterlife is very much like saying my laptop will have an afterlife (can we please avoid giving a machine a soul?). She’s able to look at her death without wondering what happens to herself after it happens and focuses on what happens to everyone around her.

While this episode is somewhat surreal and airy, we now have to return to reality. Despite all of this, Isla’s retrieval is still imminent…definitely something I’m curious to see. I feel like there are numerous ways for the ending of this series to be screwed up and my pessimistic self can only focus on them. If the story cops out with a forced happy ending, I’m probably going to be really upset at this point.

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