Danmachi Episode 10: Rescue mission

[HorribleSubs] DanMachi - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_04.06_[2015.06.06_07.50.04]

Don’t you hate it when parties over-aggro enemies and you have to deal with the fallout? Anyway, it looks like even with all of Bell’s godlike skills, he’s still having trouble (although that argonaut activation at the end of the episode seemed pretty broken). I suppose the general reason for this episode is to show that even when Bell’s life seems perfect (finally got a party and leveled up), he’s still got some improvement left to do…pretty much bursting the bubble, I guess. That’s probably why there’s that brief battle with the minotaurs at the end, showing that he has progressed, but it’s not enough. At least it’s getting less harem-focused, right? Are we free of that?

[HorribleSubs] DanMachi - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.35_[2015.06.06_08.09.20]

Looks like next week’s episode is going to be a rescue operation, one that finally brings Ryu into the action as well. Given that Gods are restricted from the dungeon, I’m curious what contribution Hestia and Hermes will be making on the mission. Based on Hermes’s discussion with Asfi about protection and the fact that he had to bring in Ryu, it really looks like they’ll be a liability to the team…so why are they even there?

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