Danmachi Episode 8: Showing off in front of the girl

[HorribleSubs] DanMachi - 08 [720p].mkv_snapshot_12.36_[2015.05.23_08.14.44]

Now I’m curious…has every battle involved blood on the eyes? I feel like I’ve been seeing that a lot in this show. But that aside, this week’s episode is somewhat of a full circle for Bell, as he gets to face the monster that pretty much started this all. Since they were talking a lot about how to level up in this world of adventurers, does that mean that this week’s episode was enough to level Bell up to 2? That being said, does the level do anything? It really seems like it’s just a meaningless title. The only guess I have is that it determines stat caps. It’s mentioned this week that all of Bell’s stats are S-level, so I wonder if that just means that they are at the max for a level 1 adventurer.

Is next week’s episode going to introduce the final character in the main cast (at least the one shown running with Bell in the ending)? If so, does he actually travel in the dungeon with Bell? The title suggests that the new character is a blacksmith, which doesn’t really strike me as the adventurous type of profession. Plus, Bell is really seeming to forsake this idea of the adventuring party (solo player for life?).

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