Punch Line First Impressions (1): What did I just watch?

[HorribleSubs] Punch Line - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_04.50_[2015.05.22_06.29.12]

Decided to jump in on this show because it pops on my Twitter feed pretty often…really regretting it. Basically, the story focuses on a guy, Iridatsu Yuuta, who will apparently destroy the world if he sees panties (is this some sort of Sands of Destruction theme?)…but apparently he can conveniently rewind time every time he does it because he’s a ghost. The only way this premise makes sense is if his ghost form is some sort of “trial run”. My guess is if he returns to his real body, he will get no resets, so he has to learn to control this before he returns (but then why would he want to regain his body anyway?).

There also seems to be some sort of second story happening in parallel, focusing on the Strange Juice heroine trying to help the city, which is somewhat jarring and confusing. The opening and ending songs for this show also really don’t make a good case for it. Is that a real person singing the ending song? Because it’s auto-tuned so hard that it sounds like a vocaloid, which is very displeasing for listening. But yeah…in short, I think I’m done with this show.


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