World Trigger Episode 30: New threat appears

[HorribleSubs] World Trigger - 30 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.19_[2015.05.20_06.44.21]

Wait…so you can just share Trion? Why haven’t they been doing that up to now? Granted, it makes Chika a glorified battery, but at least it allows something productive to happen in the fights. Anyway, it looks like one of the bosses from Aftokrator has decided to make his appearance. His Trigger seems absurdly powerful, though…is it another national treasure like the staff? It seems like the best way to fight him is to overwhelm him at range, but because of the nature of the birds, he can reduce enemy numbers before that can happen. Someone has to beat him, though…who will it be this time?

So based on the preview, it looks like next week is where Osamu is supposed to be useful, fighting off the Rabits by himself to get the cubed Chika to HQ. Surprisingly enough, though, this is still 1020 seconds (17 minutes) before he is supposed to die, based on the ending of this week’s episode. So does that mean that the true danger doesn’t start for him until after he successfully delivers Chika to the base?

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