The Rest of the Season

It’s a well-established fact that I tend to watch too many series every season. Here’s my opinion of some of the shows that haven’t been appearing on my blog regularly (side note: I’m going to try to use my Twitter account to talk about these shows more regularly…if you’re interested).

[HorribleSubs] Hibike! Euphonium - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.37_[2015.05.14_19.32.08]

Hibike Euphonium

This is a show that I’m really upset that I didn’t continue covering. As a former band student (from my high school days), I feel like I could speak a lot to what’s being said in this show, but I had my usual aversion to covering slice of life shows, so I decided against it (also, I jumped on the bandwagon pretty late because I never expected to be watching this show). It’s actually very easy for someone like me to relate to this show, being that I was someone who was similarly participating in the school’s concert band pretty halfheartedly like the main character Kumiko. It’s interesting to see the other side.

I was never very emotionally invested in competitive band because I decided that it wasn’t where I wanted to put my effort, but Kumiko seems to be going in the opposite direction…though to be fair, it’s starting to look like it’s mostly fueled by peer pressure. A specific part of the series that I wanted to talk about that I haven’t seen mentioned much elsewhere is the choosing of instruments. Hazuki’s experience with choosing tuba for as simple a reason as just having the mouthpiece seems somewhat appropriate. I only chose percussion because my school’s band didn’t have enough people in that section and I couldn’t decide. I also want to mention (though it’s not really important) that my school’s band only had auditions to determine placements (and it actually wasn’t biased towards more senior members). Anyone could join the competitive band, but the director did kick some people out for not having proper motivation.

Shokugeki no Soma – Not really all too much to say here. This series has actually been fairly faithful to the manga (though the foodgasm adaptations are arguably a bit overboard).

Ore Monogatari – Surprisingly, this one’s not bad. It’s goofy enough that I’m not bored even if not that much stuff is going on. That being said, I’m pretty sure this can’t last long. Confession happening too early means they either have to fill the space with excess drama or get creative…

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