Kekkai Sensen Episode 6: What just happened?

[HorribleSubs] Kekkai Sensen - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.58_[2015.05.14_06.50.09]

So this week’s episode ended up being pretty uneventful. The main enemy ended up being a couple of small-time workers desperate for some cash with baseball bats…pretty strange in contrast to the monsters we’re used to seeing. Just a quick note: I think it’s scientifically accurate that Leo remembered to buy the burgers for two despite no longer remembering Nej. If I remember correctly, habits are in a similar area of the brain as procedural learning, both of which are separate from standard memories (which should be stored as facts).

Next week is pretty much back to business as usual…Leo probably gets captured and Klaus has to enter some sort of boxing ring to save him. I’m really trying hard to pay attention to what’s happening with White and (trying not to laugh too hard) Black in the background, but there’s really not too much happening. Does White even know about all of the scheming we’ve seen Black do in previous episodes?

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