World Trigger Episode 29: Starts of battles

[HorribleSubs] World Trigger - 29 [720p].mkv_snapshot_20.05_[2015.05.13_06.45.24]

Unfortunately, the first half of this week’s episode was a mini-recap…pretty annoying, but I guess it happens. It’s better than taking the full episode, right? Back to the actual action, it was pretty cool to see Yuuma in action again. I’d say the most interesting part is that he can reuse any skill he copies pretty much as much as he wants. It makes me wonder if he’ll be able to copy the skills of the humanoid Neighbors in the invasion to increase his skill pool.

It looks like next week will continue the battle between Yuuma and Viza…should be interesting. In other news, it looks like the threat to Osamu that Jin has been going on and on about will appear as well, the captain of the enemy forces. Also, is Jin’s battle over? He seemed to have handled his opponent fairly handily this week.

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