Plastic Memories Episode 5: Wanderers

[Commie] Plastic Memories - 05 [6EBC0710].mkv_snapshot_16.30_[2015.05.05_06.41.56]

Well, this week’s episode is the show’s attempt at taking a dark turn. We’re finally shown what happens when Giftia goes past the deadline. I think the most shocking part in my mind was the part about the limiter being released. Given how strong and fast a Giftia becomes when it transitions to Wanderer, I’m quite surprised at how pitiful the retrieval squad is. It feels like it’s far too easy for the retrieval squad to fail and for the Giftia to turn. Why does the government take such a high risk? It feels like they’re literally asking for chaos.

This week’s episode ends on a pretty huge cliffhanger. It’s not perfectly clear whether Isla was the one hit with Tsukasa’s shot. It is definitely strongly suggested that Isla is hit with the shot, which makes me believe that she isn’t hit. I’m not even sure if I welcome the possibility of her being shot just because it would solidify how much I hate her character. Anyway, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the final verdict is.

2 thoughts on “Plastic Memories Episode 5: Wanderers”

  1. As other people pointed out, why not embedding a fail-safe device that destroys the Giftia’s personality within the Giftia itself once the expiration date is due? 😀


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