In Fire Emblem News…


I’m a little light on anime-related things to post today, but I noticed some news related to the upcoming Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem if. As a fan of the series, I figure I’ll give my impressions. It looks like the main gimmick they’re introducing this time is this idea of choosing allegiance to one of the two major kingdoms at war in the game.

I personally would have found it more interesting if the allegiances were determined by decisions made in the game (kind of like Radiant Dawn where you bounce between teams), but it looks like the idea is to introduce a Pokemon-like paradigm where there are two versions of the game, each with its own version of the story. I was really hoping that the two kingdom system would help undermine the lord class, but the fact that there are separate versions just reinforces them. It looks like my choice will be fairly easy…the dark kingdom storyline is the harder one that reduces grinding, so I will probably be choosing that one.

Gameplay-wise, not much is revealed in this trailer. My final takeaway from the trailer is that the game has more of a Sengoku feel to it than many of the previous games, which makes me a bit wary, but might bring some freshness to the classes.

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