Death Parade Episode 11: Meaning of life?

[HorribleSubs] Death Parade - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_13.35_[2015.03.21_08.26.38]

So this week’s episode finally reveals Chiyuki’s past and how she died. In the end, it sounded like she ends up coming to a fairly selfish definition of her existence. I assume it’s something along the lines of this: as a mind that has no real connection to the workings of any other mind, the only true existence is oneself. I’m taking this line of thought over the alternative, which is “skating is my life and without it, I’m nothing”, which has always been a foreign thought to me (someone who has never had that level of passion).

Next week, the show finally comes to an end. It looks like the final episode might end up being pretty dramatic with Oculus trying to throw a wrench into Nona’s plans. The only thing I can really glean from the preview is that the elevator to the void seems to be very relevant next week. I’m really quite curious about how this one will end up turning out.

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