Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 11: Battle

[HorribleSubs] Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_12.41_[2015.03.20_06.37.23]

It’s getting hard to judge life or death in this show. Was this week enough to kill Amon? Is the manager just clinging to life for a little bit to have a final conversation with his daughter or will he actually recover after his fight? Kaneki also looks pretty close to death himself. I’m assuming he’s fine, though…he’s still the main character of Tokyo Ghoul: Re, right?

Anyway, it looks like next week will end this series. I recall seeing some stuff on forums a while back about Hide being involved in the ending of the manga, so I’m guessing this is an adaptation of the actual ending of the manga? If I recall correctly, it doesn’t end up well for Hide, but I can’t remember if I read what actually happens. I still think he will get caught in the crossfire somehow and die…he really seems like the type of character to do that.

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