Death Parade Episode 10: Life and Death

[HorribleSubs] Death Parade - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.38_[2015.03.14_07.55.02]

Well, this week’s episode finally starts to get into the background of our heroine, whose name is revealed to be Chiyuki. The judgment for this week, though, could hardly be called a judgment. It was such a relaxed game. Other than that, Decim has decided to question his existence. I don’t particularly disagree with that…it’s fine to question why you’re doing your job and what effect it’s having. But the question of the purpose of life is always a rather dull one for me because it feels like an almost pointless question (not to take Oculus’s side or anything). Does life really need a purpose?

I suppose the final two episodes will have to go more into Chiyuki’s past. I assume it’s somehow related to this judgment system. From the preview and the final scene in the episode, it looks like Oculus might not be the only person who stands against Decim and his new way of thinking. It looks like Ginti will also be joining in this conversation. Should be interesting to see how a show like this ends…it’s been fairly enjoyable so far.

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