Parasyte Episode 21: Fear

[HorribleSubs] Parasyte - the maxim - 21 [720p].mkv_snapshot_16.47_[2015.03.05_06.49.28]

Well, that was certainly hard to watch, but I understand Shinichi’s fear when Migi is asleep. Other than that, Gotou’s massacre of the police wasn’t too unexpected. Also, was I supposed to feel more shock when it was revealed that the other guy helping the parasites was actually human? That character just felt so minor to me. The point he brought up at the end was fairly valid, though. As humans, we tend to think of ourselves as the pinnacle of evolution, but we really just leech off of the world with very little regard for it.

I’m trying to figure out what I was supposed to get from the preview section. Is there actually going to be a fight with Gotou or were those more of Shinichi’s hallucinations? It certainly looked like they were fairly real. That being said, I was under the impression that Gotou would be some sort of final boss for the last episode, so who knows? I’d guess a preliminary fight to test out their powers, but Shinichi has already done that…

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