Junketsu no Maria Episode 6: Conflict of interest?

[HorribleSubs] Maria the Virgin Witch - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_11.08_[2015.02.18_06.34.10]

Isn’t it a bit too early in the show for Michael to be giving Maria an ultimatum (or at least passing it through Ezekiel)? That aside, though, Ezekiel’s behavior is way too human to be appropriate for an angel. Michael’s behavior seems more “correct”. Given that an angel is a servant of God that performs his will, I wouldn’t expect one to have free will and independent thoughts. It kinda defeats the purpose.

Is next week switching focus to a different witch? That’s what the preview seems to indicate. But we still have to find out Maria’s choice, right? Presumably she plans to intervene having heard Ann’s request, but there’s still the slight possibility of a fake-out (very small chance, but it would certainly make Ezekiel’s life easier). Random side note: I’m questioning Bernard’s existence…what role is he playing?

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