Log Horizon 2 Episode 18: Wyvern attack

[HorribleSubs] Log Horizon 2 - 18 [720p].mkv_snapshot_12.52_[2015.02.09_06.34.20]

This week’s episode seems to be the calm before the fight, I see. A lot of the episode is spent with talking and explanations. I have to feel sorry for those poor People of the Land…stuck listening to the BGM that was programmed into the game for eternity. That just sounds like torture. On Touya’s end, he seems to be perceptive enough to realize that Dariella/Nureha is hiding something behind her fake smile. Maybe there’s hope for him…

I guess Nyanta has been tailing the kids group this whole time to make sure they’re alright. If he’s helping, then taking out the wyverns isn’t impossible, especially with Roe 2 to help as another level 90. Still, the preview doesn’t reveal him in the battle, so maybe he’s not helping after all. It looks like next week will also throw the Odyssey Knights into the fight. Theoretically, we’ll find out more about their portable cathedral, right?

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