Log Horizon 2 Episode 17: Roe 2 seems pretty easy to manipulate

[Commie] Log Horizon 2 - 17 [4C8BB073].mkv_snapshot_09.10_[2015.02.02_06.47.11]

These episodes are starting to feel like they’re dragging on and on. Am I the only one feeling that? I think the only interesting part of this week’s episode was when one of the people at the Round Table tried to propose a welfare system to help the adventurers that were struggling that was immediately shot down in a fairly “capitalism ho!” manner. As for the scene where Nureha reveals herself as the yellow-clad woman from the very end of the first season, I wasn’t totally expecting it, but I wasn’t really intrigued too much by the revelation.

It looks like next week will be some bonding time for Isuzu and Rudy…other than that, I’m not expecting too much. I assume much of their adventure will have to do with these Odyssey Knights that were introduced this week. As for Roe 2, she seems to have her uses as a summoner…is she supposed to be joining the cast? That just seems confusing if she does.

6 thoughts on “Log Horizon 2 Episode 17: Roe 2 seems pretty easy to manipulate”

    1. wait, she’s actually related to Shiroe somehow? I just thought she met him before or something and modeled her name after him


  1. You aren’t the only one feeling that they are dragging on. I’m considering giving it up altogether unless something amazing happens. I was really excited when I heard there was a season 2, but it really hasn’t been as enjoyable as the first season.


      1. That’s true. I do want to see how the disappearance of Krusty is resolved in the end. Guess I’m in it for the long haul as well.


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