Aldnoah.Zero S2 Episode 15: Vengeance

[Commie] Aldnoah.Zero - 15 [AC571A7C].mkv_snapshot_16.31_[2015.01.25_07.33.08]

So Inaho’s not going to be the only calculating one in this show? Slaine’s showing some nice techniques here. I was getting worried…it seemed for a bit like he was just going to let himself get carried by his Kataphrakt’s prediction power. But even that will probably be beaten soon…it looked like Inaho might have roughly figured out what the time limit for the prediction is in this episode’s fight.

The Odin reference in this week’s episode actually isn’t that surprising…I’ve seen that reference made before when discussing the first season. However, since my knowledge of Norse mythology is weak, I can’t really infer too much from it. Maybe I should read up. Anyway, I assume the other Orbital Knights won’t let Slaine get away with replacing Saazbaum so easily…surely they must question the timing, right?

6 thoughts on “Aldnoah.Zero S2 Episode 15: Vengeance”

  1. They are different strengths.

    Slaine’s more a strategist: he is looking at the bigger picture of the war, carefully pulling political strings toward a goal. He’s like a poor mecha’s show Reinhard (who got his Kircheis at last in Harklight).

    Inaho’s a tactician. He sees the battle rather than the war. He didn’t have any real plan, except following what Asseylum proposed. He’s more skilled with robots and guessing how to find a flaw in a machine than how Slaine is doing (Slaine’s guessing and using people, including Inaho).


  2. That’s assuming the other orbital knights live long enough to be a problem for Slaine. He’s likely going to try and send them against Inaho to make them die…*shivers*


    1. I can see that: “If you want to challenge my claim, please go and defeat that orange training robot first.” He used Inaho in this episode.

      Oh and:

      No. Slaine did it on purpose, you can see Slaine figuring out what Inaho would do next and purposely using a minimal wound to lure Saazbaum in the battlefield to the trap he has thought. If hadn’t been for Inko’s intervention, Inaho would have died with Saazbaum. Inaho never noticed those were bullets either, he believed it was just debris.

      Inaho is good to figure out a robot’s weakness but he never actually faced an enemy who used his brain and not just their robot. All his enemies battle plan was charge head on or stand still trusting of the Aldnoah prowess. Slaine doesn’t do that. Slaine uses it as one of his tool but he set up plans. In episode 14, he also defeated Inaho in a way. His plan was use himself as bait, to draw all fire and let the ship pass… and it worked.


      1. Damn, I mean to answer this:

        “it looked like Inaho might have roughly figured out what the time limit for the prediction is in this episode’s fight.”

        Inaho fell for Slaine’s trap, just like last episode, where Slaine purposely became the bait to distract everyone and Inaho too fell for it.


      2. I’ve seen this theory around on forums and I agree…they focused way too much on showing that Slaine knew Inaho would shoot at him and it’s really suspicious that it hit


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