Aldnoah.Zero S2 Episode 14: The two meet again

[Commie] Aldnoah.Zero - 14 [5D3C3137].mkv_snapshot_05.29_[2015.01.18_07.54.06]

So Slaine wants to fix the corruption of the upper classes on Mars…from within? Where have I heard this before? Must be my imagination. That aside, this week’s episode marks Slaine and Inaho’s reunion on the battlefield, one now being able to predict the future with the power of Aldnoah and the other being able to predict the future with enhanced analysis of computerized visual data. Does that mean that their battles will be a bunch of dodging?

Lemrina’s role in the series isn’t too surprising…it’s only natural that she would be envious of what her sister had and want it for herself. I am curious about that scene where she kisses Slaine, though…she seems to suggest that the activation factor will only work once for him. So I guess that must be true for Inaho too? He’s really been conveniently holding on to that activation for that long? And did he glow when he gave Asseylum CPR or am I just nuts? Anyway, I presume next week should give us more information about how battles between Inaho and Slaine are going to happen.

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