Tokyo Ghoul Root A First Impressions (1): Troll beginning?

[HorribleSubs] Tokyo Ghoul Root A - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_09.24_[2015.01.09_07.05.52]

I’m still not really expecting to cover this season, but the first episode should be fairly harmless, right? This season starts off right where the last season ended (which was in the middle of a big fight -.-). I don’t really understand why they had to interrupt the battles with a season ending when they were just going to have all of the fights stop prematurely in the first episode. And how exactly has Kaneki changed from the events of the last episode? He’s joining Aogiri, but is it just to find out more about Touka’s brother?

The opening song for this season sounded pretty strange…were the piano and vocals supposed to sound so clashing? It made the experience too jarring to enjoy. The ending song is actually pretty solid, though. My questions for this season will be exactly the same as last season: how does Kaneki Ken’s human side manifest in his half-ghoul state? What advantages does it give him? I still haven’t really gotten a good answer to those questions.

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