Absolute Troll Post

I really don’t want to cover Absolute Duo. If nothing else comes out by tomorrow morning, I’ll do it…otherwise, I’m just skipping it. On an unrelated note, I’ve made some minor performance improvements on the site that I hope help. I know the images are still scaled, but I tried fixing that and it didn’t really change load speed too much when I first tested it. I’ll be testing that some more before I commit to it.

2 thoughts on “Absolute Troll Post”

  1. I can’t actually remember or check at the moment, but the only other shows close to coming out soon (should be tomorrow PST time) are Shinmai Maou and KanColle. Crunchyroll are subbing both of those, but again, since I’m nowhere near a PC (on a tablet), you would have to check their schedule to see exactly when, if that information is available right now. If I can remember the list on Anichart, it really didn’t look like much was airing this season (or anything of interest to me) sans the stuff leftover from the previous one.


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