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Zestiria coming out yesterday was pretty convenient, but I’m not really feeling anything available for me to watch today, so I’m back to filler (still pretty tired too). Also, my apartment’s internet connection has been dicey today because of the snow, so there’s that. This post’s theme: Doing anime-ish-related stuff on Android

  • This may have just been a rookie mistake on my part, but I downloaded the If My Heart Had Wings game for Android because it was free and I was curious…boy was that a mistake. The app restricts the progress you can make in the game per day with a resource called Wing (I’m assuming the Steam version isn’t dumb enough to do this). I could barely get through a single conversation per day, so I ended up trying to save some up and eventually reached a point where I was told that the rest of the game wasn’t even available yet (I don’t even think all the characters had been introduced yet).
  • Watching anime on my Android phone: Mostly, I use DicePlayer…so far, it’s had the most consistency for playing softsubbed anime. It still goes crazy when typesetting is involved, but at least the video plays. I know the new VLC app just came out too, so that will probably be my next test subject. Or maybe I should just watch everything on the Crunchyroll app…
  • I have yet to find a manga-reader that works to my liking. Manga Rock is what I use, but even it has its issues (slow downloads, no way to mark chapters as unread, chapters that are deleted on the source become impossible to delete through the app). Other tested apps that were rejected: Manga Galaxy (this one wasn’t that bad, but it’s been removed from the Play Store), Aizoban, MangaCloud (also removed), Comic Reader. Almost makes me want to make my own…but that’s crazy talk.

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