Placeholder Post Again

Well, today I was supposed to post on World Trigger, but I’m way too jet lagged to do that, so another placeholder post was born. I’m even posting from my phone, so I have no idea how this will turn out. I’ll just go with some more random thoughts.

  1. Chinese food is awesome and you should all be jealous.
  2. Inou Battle started out okay and it has its fun moments, but I really question the use of the super powers. Why do they even exist? Why did they have that episode with the brother introducing the war at all? I still need to watch the last episode, so this opinion might change.
  3. The Android app for WordPress seems pointless other than for comment notifications. It feels a lot more effective to just use a browser to access my site on my phone.
  4. My brother and sister seem really interested in watching anime movies. Any suggestions?

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