World Trigger Episode 9: All these meetings…

[HorribleSubs] World Trigger - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.11_[2014.12.09_06.49.22]

Well, it looks like Yuuma’s lineage is worth something to Border. Given the impact Yuuma has had by coming through the gate, it’s not too surprising that his father had similar impact by helping with the founding of Border. I certainly agree with Osamu’s question of why Yuuma believed that his father was not at all involved with Border, though. I’m not sure I ever found out the answer to that…

It sounds like next week, we finally get an explanation about Yuuma’s past. If I remember correctly, he will talk about the world on the other side of the gate and why his father died. Yuuma joining Border leads to some training scenes where we learn more about the triggers (probably not happening next week), but it also leads to some friendly fire within Border that was hinted this week…this part is not so interesting in my eyes.


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