Sword Art Online 2 Episode 18: Legendary duelist

[Commie] Sword Art Online II - 18 [1AC37137].mkv_snapshot_05.45_[2014.11.10_06.41.14]

That’s just like MMO players…a new update comes out with new abilities and all Asuna cares about is the in-game accessories. Anyway, while a decent amount of time was spent on buying the house in Aincrad, it looks like the main focus for this arc is going to be this new character Zekken. I can totally get behind what this Zekken is trying to do in the game…I’d often much prefer dueling people over the raids that MMO players tend to love.

But who exactly is this Zekken? It seems like maybe Kirito knows something about Zekken’s identity? Or did he notice something in the fighting style? Also, it looks like the subs I was watching were trying really hard to use gender-neutral pronouns to describe Zekken, so I’m guessing someone who read the light novels is trying to tell me that Zekken is actually female or something. Just a guess…fansubbers are often predictable in that way. Anyway, it looks like next week, Asuna will take her shot at fighting Zekken.

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