Cross Ange Episode 3: How many do you need to kill to make a point?

[Commie] Cross Ange - Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo - 03 [6BB9E30F].mkv_snapshot_19.57_[2014.10.25_12.05.56]

They sure killed off a lot of characters this week. Looks like that should be it for the time being…I guess it was intended to be a jolt to kick things off. It seems like Ange has shrugged off the probability of going “full Luke fon Fabre” since her self-destructive phase seems to be over fairly quickly. I would hope that means she’s less insufferable as a character…these first three episodes have been pretty tough.

I covered this episode so I could hit the three-episode mark. Given what I’ve seen so far, it’s doubtful that I’ll keep posting on this show (still need to decide whether I’ll keep watching). I’m still lost as to what direction this show seems to be heading. Presumably all of this so far has been an introductory phase, which would mean that the actual point should be coming soon. I would assume it’s some sort of revolution, but that would mean Ange would have to go through an entire ordeal to get all of the Norma on her side…

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