World Trigger Episode 3: That looked easy

[HorribleSubs] World Trigger - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_20.17_[2014.10.21_06.52.08]

This is the part of the story where things got a bit weird for me. First off, the whole thing with the “Trion gland” was a bit facepalm-worthy. But I guess I have more of a problem with Osamu taking credit for fending off the attack on the school. It seemed to devalue him in the upcoming parts. He’s already weak as it is and now people have this unrealistic expectation of him…makes him seem even more useless than before.

Still, when watching the anime, the scene comes off more as Yuma trolling Osamu because he forced him to lay low as a Neighbor instead of just giving him the credit for free, which made the scene feel a bit better to me. Anyway, next week goes more into Ai Kitora, who was introduced this week…her character isn’t really all too interesting.

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