Psycho Pass 2 Episode 2: Glad I’m not the only one who thought water closet

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So we finally get a glimpse of the main culprit this week. Is he trying to make some big point or does he actually care about the criminal that was just killed by the police? Well, I guess he’s no Makishima after all. Maybe this season is trying to focus more on the criminals and how the police handles them while Makishima focused more on the Sibyl System. Honestly, that thought is pretty worrying…sounds pretty boring to me.

I know we have all of these situations with excessive police violence in the news these days and the Dominators are probably the epitome of excessive force, but it just seems so boring compared to analyzing the implications of the Sibyl System. Anyway, it looks like everything in this season will revolve around some sort of phenomenon (probably a drug) that can lower Psycho Pass scores…could be interesting if they explain the phenomenon well. Let’s see where things go.

4 thoughts on “Psycho Pass 2 Episode 2: Glad I’m not the only one who thought water closet”

  1. I think you are wrong about the focus of this season. You are right in that the focus of last season was the Sibyl System, and more importantly the implication that a flawed but imperfect system is better than no system at all. Think Big Brother theory

    The focus of this season is much more complex. It focuses on the implications of the Sibyl System’s rule. The Sibyl System basically denotes anyone with a clear hue as a non target for enforcement. However, as we have seen this season and last season, there are obviously flaws in the enforcement criteria. Psycho-passes have become a way to weed out and classify ppl as we saw in episode 1. It locks them into a perpetual cycle without them being able to break free which is a metaphor for the lower class irl (the poor cannot afford higher quality education that rich kids can nor do they have connections, and thus it is extremely less likely that they get good jobs that pay well and are forced to take lower income jobs thus perpetuating the cycle). Makishima was an example of a rich kid basically. He was allowed to wreak havoc by Sibyl (clear hue), and his connections only furthered his ability to do so.

    The main criminal this season apparently believes that ppl can be redeemed and that their psycho-pass should not doom them (hence his identification with our heroine). He thus gives his victims a way to “clear their hue.” The result is two-fold. First, he provides a solid way to both demonstrate and prove that the Sibyl System is obsolete and actually causing more harm than good ie the rats are getting smarter and not falling for the same traps. Makishima was no longer the exception. He has created a scenario in which there could be a million Makishima’s.

    This will likely tie into a later plot point between our investigating latent criminals, and our main antagonist. He can provide them a way to erase their crime coefficients and allow them to return to normal lives. There is a lot of potential for betrayal here. I expect Ginoza, Guitar Girl, and the new recruits to be the main targets of this ( I hope it isn’t the latter because they are shitty targets.) It gives them a chance at redemption and to break free of the Sibyl System.

    The second implication is that now, with a broken system, how does Akane respond? Remember Akane chose her line of work because she was well suited towards everything and did not know what to do. She had hoped for more guidance from Sibyl, however as she learned in season 1, Sibyl’s guidance ability continually waned and we see that here continuing the trend in season 2. Will Akane try to reform and salvage the system, or will she abandon it? Will the people oppressed by Sibyl revolt against the system now that they have a means to do so (a very possible plot line for this season)?

    Ultimately, it is not as interesting a plot line as the mysterious Makishima and Sibyl System of season 1. That kind of plot line was ruined by episode 2 when the main antagonist directly confronted Akane. Unlike in season 1, Makishima never directly confronted them initially. He always used a pawn in doing so. However, what will be interesting is character development this season and how the writers will choose to tell this story and show inner conflict, distrust, and dissent among the group of invest, and the people of the city. There is a lot of potential here and what will make this series especially strong is how well the writer can blur the line between right and wrong (or black and white to keep with the color theme) to the viewer.


    1. I guess that’s a better way to look at it. I’m probably just being pessimistic since the writer is different for this season.


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