Aldnoah.Zero Final Episode (12): Well…what?

[Commie] Aldnoah.Zero - 12 [37D4B12D].mkv_snapshot_16.03_[2014.09.21_07.49.29]

Well, that’s one way to do it. I’m surprised they killed both Inaho and Asseylum…I personally would have expected only one of them to die. It’s hard to pull any speculative survival for either of them…it definitely looked like both were shot in head. That tends to be pretty cut-and-dry. On the other hand, though, this is Martian technology we’re talking about, so we can’t exactly discount everything. They also specifically mentioned that the princess’s body was never recovered, which is super suspicious. Also, at the end of the day, the great final boss Saazbaum didn’t have any new gimmicks to his Kataphrakt…he was just a combination of everything that was fought before him. I guess it would take too long for Inaho to figure out the mechanics of a new trick?

[Commie] Aldnoah.Zero - 12 [37D4B12D].mkv_snapshot_13.15_[2014.09.21_07.39.43]

It turns out that showing Cruhteo’s Kataphrakt to Slaine last week had a purpose in showing that Slaine could activate the Aldnoah drive himself…likely due to his father’s influence somehow. So I guess this last episode indicates that Slaine was the true main character after all? It would be an interesting twist given how little he does in battle. Was this entire first season meant to somehow prepare him for the future? The title of the episode was “Childhood’s End”, indicating that this will lead to a time skip when the show returns for another season. It’s a shame…I really did think Inaho’s character was interesting.

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