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Due to the lack of Zankyou no Terror last week, I’m left with a hole in this week’s post schedule. Out of pure lack of ideas, I created this post to just say a bunch of random things. Feel free to comment on any piece you find interesting. Some stuff from my notes:

  1. It’s easier to watch 1 episode a week than to let 3 pile up and watch them all in one sitting. Doesn’t matter how many cliffhangers there are. This just seems to be my preference.
  2. The number of post drafts that I’ve axed is roughly over 9000. I’m either too overly critical or just excessively lazy. Take your pick.
  3. Posts with high word counts are way too hard to create. This may be a problem…
  4. No matter how much I write, I’m still 100% certain I’m trash.
  5. I’m really bad at advertising myself. Let’s help fix that a bit: find me on Twitter and Facebook linked on the sidebar. I’m trying to be a bit more active with social media. Also, the username “marthaurion” will find me in most places.
  6. Common stopping points: first episode, third episode, halfway through a show, four episodes before the end (don’t ask me why).

In other news, this weekend I will be participating in a local Rubik’s Cube competition. I’m severely out of practice, but we’ll see how it goes. The main goal for me is to qualify for all rounds and place at least in the top half of the competitors with my meager 16-17 second average.

2 thoughts on “Placeholder Post”

  1. 1) It’s definitely better to watch it week by week even assuming cliffhangers.
    2) WHAT? That many? I never axed a post I wrote…*shivers*
    3) That’s true.
    4) Not sure about trash, but you’re evil for sure. 😀
    5) *nods*

    What is the average time of completing the rubik cube in those competitions?


    1. If you wonder why I don’t have a ton of contingencies…it’s because they’ve all been axed. Some stay as drafts…others just get straight-up trashed.

      Average solving time is probably in the mid-20 second range at competitions, but there are usually a lot of spectators in the 1 minute range that are scared to compete.


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