Tokyo ESP Episode 8: Time to begin the attack

[HorribleSubs] Tokyo ESP - 08 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.14_[2014.09.02_07.08.02]

This week’s episode didn’t seem to have all too much going on. I guess it looked like preparations for the enemy side, recruiting more espers to make their next move. Kyoutarou was finally released…I was starting to think he was going to be captive until the events from the first episode start happening (it would certainly explain his absence). As for Ayumu’s mother…I suppose her reaction could have been worse.

So, next week the attacks start up again? Time for Rinka to put her training into use or something? Given the lack of Kyoutarou in the first episode and the fact that he basically announced his affection for Rinka this episode, I’m starting to wonder whether he is actually killed before the events of the final battle…but maybe that’s too wild of a guess.

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