Sword Art Online II Episode 7: The tournament begins

[Commie] Sword Art Online II - 07 [6D368FFD].mkv_snapshot_15.38_[2014.08.18_06.40.52]

Not much really happened this week…just a lot of preparation, I guess. Kirito just had a bit of a crisis of conscience after happened last week and recovered with the power of friendship nursing? Also, given how distracted Asuna is, I wonder if one of Kirito’s friends from ALO will decide to make a conversion just to help out. It seems fairly unlikely given the fact that they wouldn’t be much help as another noob with no god powers.

So Kirito and Sinon are getting their rematch already? It looks like Sinon will be eliminated from the tournament pretty early after all. Is she just going to take on the role of spectator from here on? Or maybe the tournament isn’t a simple single elimination bracket. If we suspend suspicion on Spiegel, there’s also the possibility that Death Gun interrupts the fight. Anyway, next week we get to see more sword vs. sniper rifle action. Because that’s so much fun…


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