Tokyo Ghoul Episode 7: Time for battle

[Commie] Tokyo Ghoul - 07 [18BEDC27].mkv_snapshot_10.54_[2014.08.16_07.04.28]

I can’t believe Ken ran back with Hinami just to watch Ryouko die. My opinion of him as a character will be in the toilet for a while unless he does something redeeming…this is highly unlikely considering the fact that he still refuses to kill humans. Anyway, it looks like this week’s episode was a call to arms for both sides…Amon seems to be much more motivated as well.

Next week, Ken gets another chance to prove himself. Given how badly Touka was beaten by just one of the investigators, I question how well they’ll be able to do against two. Maybe we’ll see just how strong the legendary half-ghoul really is. I’m also curious whether Hinami will have a role in this fight…maybe she’s hiding some strength we haven’t seen yet.

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