Captain Earth Episode 16: That was lucky

[Commie] Captain Earth - 16 [FB5F5751].mkv_snapshot_18.25_[2014.07.24_06.26.38]

It looks like the Planetary Gears that had their Machine Goodfellows intercepted before they could become Kiltgang are still relevant after all. Is it because Setsuna is able to give them another chance or have they always been able to try again like that? Either way, it looks like all of the Planetary Gears will start getting their chance to fight as Kiltgang. Also, Hana’s first fight doesn’t really showcase all too much of her ability. Sure, she’s able to dodge a few shots with some precognition, but her victory is ultimately a lucky break. Teppei seemed more effective in his first fight in the Nebula Engine…

It looks like next week, Salty Dog will once again become relevant. It looks like they intend to stand in Globe’s way to prevent a way against the Kiltgang…but how exactly are they planning on doing it? There are also a couple of things in this episode that bother me. First, Setsuna mentions the disappearance of Lappa (that’s her squirrel, right?). Is this supposed to signify the possibility of her betraying the Planetary Gears like Teppei did? Also, the entire team makes plans to go to a summer festival together after the final mission, the attack on Oberon…that’s usually a pretty scary flag.

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