Selector Infected WIXOSS Episode 10: The challenge is out

[HorribleSubs] selector infected WIXOSS - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_11.03_[2014.06.07_09.46.05]

This development with Hitoe begs the question of what will happen if Hitoe actually succeeded in becoming an Eternal Girl. Logically speaking, her body would be granted the wish of being able to make friends, so Yuzuki in her body would be healed, but her mind trapped in the card would theoretically have the same limitation of being unable to make friends. So she would have to get her next Selector to ask for the exact same wish to be healed herself, right? Just a bit of theory-crafting for fun…not all that much happened this week.

I guess this series is heading towards a cliffhanger. There was that fifth main character for this show that was briefly introduced, but she hasn’t really had any role up to now. Presumably, they wouldn’t resolve things until she had her turn. I’d say revealing Tama’s true nature would be the easiest way to end the series on an enticing cliffhanger. Anyway, it looks like next week is another battle against Iona. Is she trying to force Ruuko to stop her by sending the blanket challenge to all Selectors?

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