Captain Earth Episode 9: Wait, another designer child?

[Commie] Captain Earth - 09 [A00D4132].mkv_snapshot_05.06_[2014.06.05_05.59.31]

Well, I wasn’t expecting the Kiltgang to recruit another designer child already. I still question the amount of effort they put into the designer child’s background before regaining their memories if they just completely shirk it after they are turned. I understand if it were only done once to show just how much they can be changed, but if they do it every time, there has to be someone who isn’t affected. Otherwise, it just feels like wasted time.

Anyway, it looks like it’s another designer child next week. It’s about time for Teppei to make his own move and prove that he will have a role in the rest of the series. I guess this will just be a string of episodes where the enemies recruit more designer children and try to activate their Machine Goodfellows. I’m curious, though. Since they’ve had their cockpits destroyed before the Kiltgang can be activated, does that mean they can no longer do so? If so, what exactly is there role from here on?

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