Black Bullet Episode 9: Kisara joins the fight

[HorribleSubs] Black Bullet - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_00.39_[2014.06.04_05.43.01]

Good job, team. By interrupting Rentarou’s confession to Kisara, you prevented him from raising a death flag. Anyway, it looks like the adjuvant is only one squad of many, so Rentarou isn’t facing the invasion on his own. That’s slightly more reassuring, I guess. However, there was an issue of the dead pair this week that was never addressed…it was kinda swept under the table when Shoma showed up and joined the team. Is there a traitor in the squads who will be interfering with the mission?

The blind Cursed Child from last week seems to be pretty prominent in the preview. What exactly is her role in the upcoming battle? Considering how few episodes remain in this series, this may very well be the final arc of the show. Will they leave us asking more questions about the Gastrea at the end of the show or is a shocking revelation coming?

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