Captain Earth Episode 7: Apparently melons are a big deal

[Commie] Captain Earth - 07 [D6834C61].mkv_snapshot_14.49_[2014.05.22_06.12.52]

It looks like Daichi and Teppei are good at blowing themselves up to defeat the enemy. Daichi seems pretty pointless in battle despite the praise Teppei gave him at the end of the episode. I understand that he’s still a novice, but he’s basically a punching bag. Also, Malkin and Amarok are starting to seem like Team Rocket…it’ll get stale if the battles are always the same 2v2’s.

The main four have been put together on a team, but only half of them can actually fight against the Kiltgang. Given that it seems like this show will go on for two seasons, I think that’s meant to suggest that Hana and Akari will eventually get their own Livlasters. The only reservation I have is Hana, since she was originally found holding a Livlaster that she couldn’t use. The preview shows a new enemy fighting against the Earth Engine, so that might trigger something. At the very least, it should break the pattern of 2v2 battles we’ve been having.

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