Buddy Complex Episode 13 (Final): Not a bad ending

[HorribleSubs] Buddy Complex - 13 [720p].mkv_snapshot_07.12_[2014.04.02_06.12.22]

Oh wow. It was actually the same Hina who came to the future with Aoba? That was very surprising. So she’s actually been looping all of this time? That’s always a hard one to justify in the time travel sense, especially since the loop forward actually changes her age and because she goes into the same singularity as other people and comes out at different times. This show definitely gave me a lot to think about with regards to time travel. Hina’s just so hard to explain. Also, with regards to the breaking of the loop, I want to use a Madoka-esque explanation where constant time travel stabilizes Aoba’s waveform so that he can form the forced Coupling with the older Valiancers, which allow Dio to see the past. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work too well because Aoba isn’t the one looping.

I think it was a nice ending, looping everything to tie Aoba’s story back in to the show. It had felt like he had basically forgotten about his time travel up to this point. That being said, I would have accept this episode as a decent resolution of Aoba’s story, so why is there another season? I understand that it looks like the leader of Zogilia is a second Bizon, but presumably it’s just a completely separate story. Hopefully it doesn’t feel too much like it’s just dragging on.

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