Nobunagun Episode 12: Off by one, Jack

[HorribleSubs] Nobunagun - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.47_[2014.03.29_10.13.43]

That’s a strange thing for Jack to say at the end of this episode. Why was he hesitating to show this Nightingale mode? Is it because he perceives it to be a weaker form? Not befitting of a serial killer? That aside, I think it’s kinda funny how hard they’re trying to make Asao relevant. That entire subway scene seemed pretty pointless in my eyes.

Next week is the final episode. It looks like it will be the final tag team of Nobunagun and Jack the Ripper to finish the series off. Not that it’s too surprising…power of love? I’m kinda assuming that when the second Kraken dies, the rest of the invaders will fall apart pretty easily, but maybe there will be another big bad to finish the series.

One thought on “Nobunagun Episode 12: Off by one, Jack”

  1. It will not be the end of the war.

    While they will stop the “eovlutionary” invaders to create new forms of invertebrates, the vertebrate series will “evolve” to amphibian and reptile. Maybe they too will “evolve” to mammals and can be bad business if one of that mammals is inteligent…

    The reason why Jack was hesitating about use the “Nightndale” mode is that it show Jack the Ripper true secret identity… we can guess that the original Jack the Ripper want mantain that a secret…


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