Buddy Complex Episode 12: The final battle begins

[HorribleSubs] Buddy Complex - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_22.00_[2014.03.26_06.27.09]

It wouldn’t be a Sunrise mecha show if the enemies didn’t get some sort of giant laser to shoot in the final battle. Also, the brainwash might be more acceptable than anything else we’ve seen so far as a reason for Hina to turn traitor. I’m a bit skeptical about the results of the failed Coupling from last week, though. I guess Dio understands Aoba more now, but that brief conversation where Dio confirmed to the crew that Aoba was from the past was a bit awkward to me.

Next week is when it all ends. Based on the last moments of this episode, I would guess that Aoba and Dio will go out in the same defective Valiancers to fight due to impatience, but the preview doesn’t offer any confirmation. I’m curious whether Bizon and Hina will be able to initiate a successful Coupling before Hina regains her senses.

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