Golden Time Episode 21: Drama!

[HorribleSubs] Golden Time - 21 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.21_[2014.03.07_06.11.09]

Interesting…did Kouko reject Banri because she suspected the childish reason behind giving her the ring or is she actually rejecting him for the time being because of what she saw on the video camera? New Banri is frightened that he will disappear, but the fusion of the two Banris still suggests that Ghost Banri is allowing himself to disappear to repent for what he’s done. But there’s no way they would just let him disappear without a chance, right?

It looks like next week, Banri has to reconcile what happened this week with everyone. It looks like making up with Kouko won’t be too difficult, though. It seems as though giving the ring to Kouko is going to be ending point of this series unless it happens next week. But if that happens…the rest of the show will be lovey-dovey, right? Pray for drama…

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