Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 8: Dogfights are hell

[Commie] Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta - 08 [AF82F325].mkv_snapshot_20.08_[2014.02.25_06.24.53]

I’m surprised they killed off two more characters so quickly after Mitsuo’s death. It’s mostly because they made such a big deal about his death, focusing on his last moments. Wolf and Fausto didn’t really get much of an ending. I’m also surprised Claire was still unable to use her powers to save Kal-el. I’m not saying I would have liked it, but it was a convenient way to reveal she was Nina Viento while presenting herself as Kal-el’s savior, which would cause a greater conflict in his mind.

Anyway, next week they mourn the dead and whatnot. It also looks like Claire may finally tell Kal-el who she is? It’s getting close enough to the end of the series that she can finally reveal herself. Or maybe it will just be more of the same. Claire will mourn her uselessness and Kal-el will comfort her. Stuff like that…

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