Log Horizon Episode 21: I guess this is where things slow down…

[Commie] Log Horizon - 21 [62388659].mkv_snapshot_04.48_[2014.02.23_12.01.13]

Very interesting. It seems like Shiroe is starting to become demonized in the eyes of others. At the moment, he has some very powerful god mod on his side, but that would only help to turn people against him if it were brought to light. There’s also this issue of the second world-class spell that was cast. Well, Regan never said explicitly that it was world-class magic, but I’m running under that assumption. Was it supposed to be related to the woman that Shiroe saw in the courtyard recounting the tale of how he saved Rudy? Doesn’t really give much of a hint.

A festival? Is that really how they wish to spend the rest of the season? The preview seems pretty lighthearted too. I guess there really isn’t all that much time for another arc unless it was finishing off the Goblin King. I’m just kinda disappointed to see things winding down, I guess. It’s probably also because Shiroe was basically embodied through Minori in the past few episodes, so his role has mostly diminished to that of  the scribe. I kinda liked watching Shiroe, the strategist, over Shiroe, the god mod.

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