Golden Time Episode 15: Drowsiness curse?

[HorribleSubs] Golden Time - 15 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.58_[2014.01.24_06.11.16]

In a normal situation, this would probably my talent as a driver. No matter how tired I am, I’m actually incapable of sleeping in moving vehicles (which makes long plane rides suck). I didn’t even think it was possible to fall asleep at the wheel. I guess Ghost Banri’s curse is pretty strong. Is it time for Ghost Banri to be re-thinking his approach to all of this? Think of the children!

Anyway, I’m curious who actually stopped the vehicle. Was Ghost Banri able to wake New Banri? Or did he once again take control of his body? Presumably it was New Banri that woke up, but we’ll probably have to see next week. It looks like Kouko might be taking this too hard next week as well. I would too…that’s a pretty big error to fall asleep while driving. Or wait…was someone injured? It didn’t look like too much of a bump.

2 thoughts on “Golden Time Episode 15: Drowsiness curse?”

  1. ah, it’s like not only me who still curious about who stopped the car, everyone said the one who stop it was Ghost banri but I still doubt it, *nods*… the first thing is ghost banri promise to curse new banri, and there was possibility make people in a car fall asleep is part of a curse(even though the possibility is low, because I don’t think that ghost banri is really that evil)

    second is the image of flashback, I’m not completely sure but I think that flashback was new Banri memories, yeah, there was image of linda but I think that image was memory of linda with new Banri, like the first time when he face linda when he escape from hospital, and the others was image of Kouko.


    1. I don’t see why New Banri couldn’t have just woken up and stopped the car.

      Well, if anyone wants a crack at Linda, they have to get through Mitsuo first.


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